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Medplus / A + Pharmacy is a long-term care pharmacy that provides services to people residing in nursing homes, assisted living communities, rehabilitation centers (including skilled nursing facilities), psychiatric institutions, correction centers and people in need of particular medications. Our focus is on providing the best services for physicians and long-term care institutions. We are the only pharmacy in Puerto Rico dedicated exclusively to the Long-Term Care market, which has made us the provider par excellence.


With coverage throughout Puerto Rico, Medplus / A + Pharmacy offers services that address the complete needs of long-term care institutions, not just pharmacy. The objectives of facility management, which we seek to reinforce are: efficiency, superior attention, personal aptitude and management coherence. We work directly with the nursing and service staff of each institution to ensure the best results for its residents, the highest level of clinical care, and regulatory compliance.


Our management team believes that agility, efficiency, and precision impact all aspects of the care you provide to your residents. Today, we are the only provider in Puerto Rico accredited by the prestigious ACHC to provide pharmacy services to long-term care centers. Allow us the opportunity to visit and demonstrate how our services will allow your facilities to operate more efficiently.


From the moment your organization begins to enjoy the services of MedPlus / A + Pharmacy, you will have access to a team of service professionals available to answer all your questions. Without having to navigate through an automated calling service. You will have access to trained staff who are fully dedicated to your success and offer you a personalized service experience.


MedPlus / A + Pharmacy will help you comply with all regulatory standards. We also share your commitment to providing exceptional care. We want your work to be easier. We make a difference!


Our brand promise is to be part of your team and offer you a complete service, dedicated to offering excellent patient care.